Call for papers


We invite both theoretical and applied studies that may address one of the following topics (non-exhaustive list):

Financial Risks

financial crisis and systemic risk; international financial regulation; alternative investments; risk modelling and risk measures; market volatility and behavioural finance.

Bank Risks

banking profitability and prudential supervision; bank loan supply, capital structure and risks; bank governance and incentives mechanisms; contagion and risk management; banking intermediation and asymmetric information.

Major Risks

industrial risks, environmental risks, geopolitical risks - (insurability; major risk management: incentives mechanisms, risk prevention and interactions between the actors (public sector, firms, individuals); reinsurance; legal risks).

Health and Ageing

health insurance systems; health market regulation: rationalization, incentives mechanisms and asymmetric information; retirement, saving and life cycle; life insurance; dependency risk.

   Risk and Innovation

technological risk, firms and R&D strategies, innovation and growth, innovation and intellectual property rights, innovation and sustainable development.

Paper Submission

The papers should be submitted electronically in pdf format to the following address:

Submission deadline: March 31, 2018.

The following information is requested:
1. The title of the paper and the keywords.
2. Authors’ full name, affiliations, and address (including e-mail).
3. The full paper (in French or English) or a long abstract (2 pages) describing the topic, the methodology used and the results.

Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2018.
Deadline for full papers: May 15, 2018.

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